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Adding Value to Your Business and Your Life

January 25, 2010

Maybe you’re a sole proprietor who is just getting their business off the ground and needs help with all of the start-up tasks.  Maybe you’re a small business owner who needs someone other than your teenagers to help you with a mailing.  Or maybe you’re the CEO of a corporation whose administrative staff is overwhelmed.

Sure, you could buckle down and just do the work yourself.  That might take care of the situation in the short term, but what does that do to your business in the long term?

Well, for one thing it takes your eye off the ball.  Every minute you spend writing reports or doing research or stuffing envelopes is a minute you’re not able to focus on growing your business.  Who is going to monitor your competitors?  Who will seek out new opportunities?  Who will target the opportunities you are already aware of?

Remember, too, that a healthy work/life balance is important.  Work is very important, yes, but so is your own well being.  It is crucial to make time for family and friends, as well as yourself.  And it’s important to spend your work time doing what you love to do!

A Virtual Assistant can help take the load off by working on the day-to-day activities as well as the larger business-building projects.  They are most valuable to your business when they work in partnership with you and perhaps your staff.  They have a vested interest in you being successful.  If you’re successful, you’ll hire them for more services.  If you hire them for more services, their business becomes successful.

For more ideas on how a Virtual Assistant can add value to your business and to your life, contact Sharon Korkes at 919-917-3157 or Sharon@sharonkorkes.com.  I think you will be pleased with your new freedom!