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What is a Virtual Assistant?

January 21, 2010


You may have never heard the term “Virtual Assistant.”  Or perhaps you have heard of it, but just aren’t sure what it is that that a Virtual Assistant does.  Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

In simple terms, a Virtual Assistant is someone who works from their home or own small office and provides professional administrative, technical and creative assistance to clients.  But they can be so much more. 

A Virtual Assistant can provide the most value to you and your business by providing ongoing, collaborative-style support.  They develop a relationship with you by getting to know you, your business, your customers and your life.  They’ll become your “right hand” and your partner in your success.  Their work will often cross over into supporting the client in personal matters as well as professional.  Because of the nature of the relationship, a Virtual Assistant may only work with a relatively small number of clients.  That allows them to provide more dedicated service to you and your business.

A Virtual Assistant utilizes the best of today’s technology to communicate with clients and deliver their products and services.  Phone, email, and instant messaging are the communication modes of choice, as they can provide instant access that will help to keep a project running smoothly.  Your Virtual Assistant will also have the latest software, office equipment and reliable internet access. 

A Virtual Assistant should have at least five years administrative experience working in the non-virtual business world.  They would have worked in upper-level capacities such as administrative assistant, executive assistant, legal assistant or office manager/supervisor. 

In a nutshell, your Virtual Assistant should make your life easier, whether they perform small tasks once in a while or partner with you on complex, ongoing projects.  In our next article, we’ll talk specifically about how your Virtual Assistant can add value to your business and to your life.